Société des traversiers du Québec

Société des traversiers du Québec
Did you know about it ?
  • In winter, the Société charters one of its ferries to resupply L'Isle-aux-Grues whose ferry service is interrupted between December and April. Fuel, vehicles, materials, farm animals and food-stuffs are loaded aboard a ferry that braves the ice, tides and currents to carry out the task greatly appreciated by islanders.
  • Twice a year, in all regions where it operates ferry services, the Société holds a meeting of regional advisory committees, composed of local representatives and ferry users. This is a good occasion to inform them on projects that concern their ferry service, to answer their questions and to receive their suggestions to improve the service.
  • The name of a ship is chosen following a competition. Consult section “the fleet” to know more about the name of the ships of the Société's fleet.
  • The Société is an important employer in the regions where it operates a ferry service. Moreover, it contributes to the regional economy by the numerous goods it obtains locally to fulfill the different needs of the ships, terminals and ferries' offices.



From April to December, the MV Grue-des-Îles takes you to L'Isle-aux-Grues from Montmagny.  Every day, there are two to four return crossings lasting 25 minutes. They are scheduled according to the tides that vary each day. It is important to plan your return. Consult the schedule before going to the island.

L'Isle-aux-Grues is the ideal place to observe the migrating snow geese in spring and autumn.

Time : 25 minutes
Distance : 8 km



Free service


  • Vending machines

Additional Information

Delivery Period at L'Isle-aux-Grues

(Blue filled in montly schedules)

  • This lapse of time allows delivery of goods for residents. Priority is given to delivery trucks.
  • Persons in charge of delivery trucks must reserve their place 24 hours in advance  by calling 418 234-1735.
  • Persons in charge with no reservation will loose their priority on the waiting period and the rule first come, first served will apply in the same way as any other passenger. Should the loading of delivery vehicles reach the ship's loading capacity (68 MT), no car, cyclists or pedestrians in the waiting line will board the ship.

Special Crossings for Dangerous Materials

(Orange filled in montly schedules)

These trips are especially planned for carrying dangerous materials. According to the norms of Transports Canada, a maximum of 25 persons on board (including the crew) will be strictly respected. Persons in charge of delivery trucks must reserve their place by calling 418 234-1735.

Pedestrians and cyclists are strongly recommended to avoid these crossings.

Air Transport

In June, July and August, according to the legend at the bottom of the schedules, Air Montmagny allows you to have access to L'Isle-aux-Grues by plane. For more information on departures or for a chartered flight all year round, contact Air Montmagny at 418 248-3545.

Restrictions :

The live load of the M.V. Grue-des-Îles is 68 metric tons.
Note that the configuration of the ferry limits the access of some vehicles because of their weight or size.

  • Maximum length
  • Trucks: 31 feet
  • Campers/Motor homes: 30 feet
  • Trailer hauled by a car: 20 feet
  • Fifth wheel hauled by a small van: 24 feet
  • Truck tractors and buses, 45 seats or more, are not accepted on board except for school buses.

The following loads by axle have to be respected at all times:

Kind of axle
Number of wheels Weight in metric tons
Simple 2-48
Tandem 4 11
Tandem 8 14
Triple 12 18
Quadruple 16 21

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Contact Information
Ferry Administration - Gare de L'Isle-aux-Grues
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Reservation for trucks and transport of dangerous goods

107, chemin de la Volière
L'Isle-aux-Grues (Québec) G0R 1P0
Phone :418 234-1735
Fax :418 248-7955

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Gare de Montmagny
45, avenue du Quai
Montmagny (Québec) G5V 3S3
Phone :418 248-9196
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